Nara 100% Natural Charcoal For Hookah and Cooking


This coal is the perfect coal to have and here is the reason why it is so. Nara coals are the coals of choice for hookah smokers that want the ease and convenience of lighting their coals instantly with the flick of a lighter. This coal also lasts for a very long time, Since this coal is self-lighting coal, it is great for smoking hookah outdoors. It is also smokeless and odorless. So hurry up and get this special offer. You simply can’t afford to miss this

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Apart from giving a subtle aroma, they burn longer and hotter than ordinary charcoal, thereby being very economical, low carbon dioxide emission, and 98% smokeless. Nara 100% Natural Charcoal are low in ash and sulfur content, safer as they do not emit greenhouse gases or any toxic chemicals nor do they produce any harmful effects to the environment. They are cleaner, environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective than ordinary charcoal. Suitable for industrial heating and cooking generally. They come in different shapes and sizes.


Shisha, BBQ, Roasting, and Grilling just got easier- no stress, no harmful smoke inhalation, or runny red eyes. Cook your chicken, pork, goat, fish, rabbit, plantain, corn, yam, etc. Ideal for incense burning, heating your chicken pens on cold nights, boiling cow leg, beans, or oxtail that wastes so much gas or electricity and for your outdoor cooking with charcoal stove designed to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50% and reduces harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.

Product Info

Last 3 times Longer
No sparks
Preserves genuine
No Sulphur

Safety Instructions

Do not light using petrol
Keep away from children
Light in a ventilated area



Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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